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Hey Maverick! This is the final episode of our 4 part mastery series on Karma. Today we’re bringing things full circle, as we look at how we reap the rewards of good Karma. 

Now, I’m saying “reap the rewards” a bit tongue in cheek here, because the very nature of Karma is to pay energy forward. And when you do that, you cannot control the outcome.

The intention is to create compassion, awareness, high frequencies and kindness…all for the sake of creating those things. And holding faith that they will radiate out from you into the world and come back full circle in your future. So, your karmic work is to show up now, today, in a way that will serve your future self.

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Season 2 is coming April 1st and we have 9 amazing entrepreneurs sharing their stories and insights. I cannot wait to share with you!



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